IMA activities
Doctoral Program

The Institute of Management  (IMA) conducts research in collaboration with national and international institutions, constantly contributing to the development of scientific debate in different fields of management studies.

Research activities encompass four major areas of specialization:

  • Strategic Management focuses on the analysis of competitive dynamics and industry evolution, strategic innovation and organizational change especially in large organization, corporate entrepreneurship, post-merger integration.
  • Clusters and Regional Competitiveness investigates the development of clusters, the spreading of innovative enterprises in regional districts, and the dynamic relation between clusters and regional development and competitiveness.
  • Entrepreneurship and Family Business explores entrepreneurial behaviour at individual level, firm start-ups and issues related to the development and management of family firms of any size.
  • Public Administration and Health Care Management is focused on management of public institutions and on management of private and public subjects involved in the health care system.

A cross-disciplinary approach is represented by the application of advanced modelling and simulation (System Dynamics, Agent Bases, Cellular Automa etc) to managerial problems; this brought to the creation of a dedicated research centre: the Laboratory for System Modelling - LSM.

The Institute taught programmes at undergraduate and graduate levels. Course subjects include: Business and Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Management of SME firms, Organizational Behaviour, Leadership, Modelling and Simulation.
The Institute of Management offers the Ph.D in Management

It is through the Laboratory of System Modelling – LSM that IMA carries out applied research and executive training.

Master of Arts in Economics
Executive Master in economia
e gestione sanitaria e sociosanitaria (Net-MEGS)